This Sunday we welcome the Laramie Jewish Community Center’s visiting student Rabbi. Every year, the Laramie Jewish Community Center brings in a visiting student Rabbi for the Jewish High Holy Days, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The Laramie Jewish Community Center had not finalized their arrangements with the Rabbi at the time our newsletter went to press, so we do not have a specific sermon topic, but assume it will relate the Jewish High Holy Days. High Holy Days or Rosh Hashanah (“Jewish New Year”) and Yom Kippur (“Day of Atonement”) and the ten day period including these holidays are known as the Ten Days of Repentance. During this time the Jews ask for forgiveness for those they have wronged.

Rev Leslie Kee from Casper joins us again. Her sermon title is “Cowboy Up! What’s the Real Message?” This is an exploration of the question, do contemporary UU values fit into a 19th century cultural mythology.

This is an exploration of why Theodore Parker’s story still has the power to inspire Unitarian Universalists in the 21st century. Do join us.
We are delighted to welcome back to our pulpit, the Rev Leslie Kee, the minister of the UU church in neighboring Casper. Leslie is the former chaplain for the women’s prison in Lusk.

Change for Change, recipient to be announced.
The first RE for children will be offered for the 2014-2015 church year. We will discuss the story God in Between to understand the value of the energy of action and of helping each other.

Maybe the approach of Fall, the start of the school year, some few leaves beginning to turn make one think of changes. For whatever reason they have been much on my mind of late, so I was happy to get the chance to explore the topic in more depth with you. My mind pretty quickly went to the big words: metamorphosis, transformation, transfiguration. I even thought about resurrection, but better leave that one for Easter. Anyway I rather fell in love with transfiguration, So maybe I will stick with that one. I like saying it. It sounds so musical. Richard Strauss even entitled one of his symphonies with its German equivalent which unfortunately doesn’t sound so musical, at least to American ears.

For the first sermon of our more formal church year, we have called upon one of our favorite past ministers, Rev. Joseph Kiovsky, to return from his comfortable retirement and gardening down in Colorado for an encore visit. Joe served our congregation during our transition from the Pyramid—described by one interim minister as a “nice clubhouse”—to our current accessible and relatively spacious location.

Because it is a holiday weekend, we will have no formal service, but instead offer “Coffee and Conversation” to those looking for both on this Sunday morning.

A long standing tradition both within our Laramie Fellowship and in many UU churches, the Water Communion is a Welcome back/In Gathering service which connects us again to one another after not seeing one another over the summer. It’s also a nice intergenerational program. You are asked to bring a small amount of water from a place of SIGNIFICANCE which you visited over the summer. You are then asked to speak briefly about what is significant to you about the place or event from which this water came. All our water will be pooled together to represent our coming together once again as a religious community.  In the past, our collected (and purified) water has been used for child dedication ceremonies.

The weeds are taking over! Please come help us spruce up both the outside of the building and the inside as we prepare for our more formal Fellowship year starting later this month. We need to wash windows, dust, vacuum, just some general tidying up as well as pulling some persistent weeds in the yard. Come with work gloves, a Weed Whacker if you have one, or your window cleaner if you can. Otherwise we will have what we need to get our Fellowship home sparkling. Come stay for 30 minutes or as long as you can. “Many hands make light work.”

This morning we will be celebrating the wonders of our gardens by combining veggies for morning omelets. You are asked to bring a veggie appropriate for adding to our omelets or fruit, muffins, bread to round out the meal. Eggs will be from the happy chickens belonging to Bren and Steve Lieske. Homegrown veggies most welcome but anything you bring, we will eat! We will have a short reading and reflect on the glories of growing things.

8:30 am: Join Nancy and Jeff Lockwood in our third hike of the summer. We will meet at the Fellowship building at 8:30 am and carpool to the Headquarters Trail at the Happy Jack Recreation area east of Laramie. To get to the trail head, drive east on I-80 to the summit rest area, exit #323 and go left over the interstate; just past the rest area on your parking lot, go right on Blair road (Forest Service road #705 or Blair-Wallace road). The parking area for the trail head is a short distance down the road on the left shortly after the road turns to dirt. The drive takes about 20 minutes. There is $5.00 fee for parking unless you have a Forest Service day use permit.
This is a moderate hike with little elevation change. Adults should be able to complete the 6 mile hike in 2-3 hours. Those with young children, should plan on more time; we can split into 2 groups (a faster group and a more leisurely group and/or we can shorten the trip by turning around earlier depending on what the hikers want to do. I will bring maps to pass out.
Bring water, snacks, sunscreen (and/or rain gear depending on the weather) and bug spray.  Please note the early start time. 

Former member of UUFL, Andi Noakes, will be back in Laramie this weekend and will share some of her insights into a recent research trip she took to Kenya. With this country in the news lately, this will be a wonderful opportunity to hear what she learned about the wildlife, the people and the politics of this African country. We will have a potluck after the service, both for those wishing to visit more with Andi and as a farewell to Board member Nancy Fox and our minister, Sarah Ogelsby-Dunegan.  The potluck will be at Nancy Fox’s house at 2620 Douglas Drive in West Laramie (Cottonwood Estates).   Please bring a generous brunch/lunch dish to share and your own tableware.