Come join us as we hike the lovely Libby Creek trail, a 3.5 mile loop that includes a pretty great view from the high point, a rustling stream, and a small waterfall—all with just 500 feet of elevation change! The trail head is at the Green Rock Picnic area off the Scenic Snowy Range Byway (Highway 130). Hikers are to meet at 8:30 AM at the Fellowship and can share rides to the trailhead. Bring water, snacks, and appropriate clothing for the weather (thunderstorm, wind, and changing temperatures as well as few mosquitoes). After the hike, those who want can stay for a bring-your-own picnic lunch. We hope to complete the hike and our lunch before the typical afternoon thunderstorms come in. To park at the trailhead, you need a forest service pass or $5.00 per vehicle. If the weather turns bad (downpour, hail, and/or snow), we will “socialize” at the Fellowship! And, if the group decides they’d rather do a different hike, we will go with the will of the group. For further information, contact Nancy Lockwood at:, 307-721-2081 or 307-399-9080


Join UUFL member Ken Chestek for a discussion of how we can reclaim our democracy from big-money interests. We will view Ken’s recent TEDx talk, and then discuss what we can do to help solve the problem of money in politics.

The United Church of Christ has sometimes been referred to as “kissin’ cousins” of Unitarian Universalists. Certainly here in Laramie we have found common ground over the years with UCC members and their former ministers. They espouse a more liberal theology and social action practice than do some other mainline Christian churches. They too are a small congregation. Let’s get to know one another better, and perhaps explore ways we might work together, whether in social action causes or Religious Education events. Lets play together! We will with begin a very short, informal ‘service,’ with music, followed by opportunities to visit, play games, and start up the grill. A POTLUCK lunch will be at 11:30. United Church of Christ will be providing hot dogs and buns.We will be at UNDINE PARK starting our service at 10. (watch for a sign to show our location). There is a splash pad there for kids to enjoy as well. Bring your lunch fixings and park toys.

Note the early start time. For questions, contact Sara Blake (

What are you reading this summer?  Bring a stack of your favorite books (real or virtual) to the Fellowship on Sunday, July 23.  We’ll have coffee and treats and good conversation about the pleasures of reading.

Before European settlers came to the Laramie Basin, this land was the homeland of the Northern Arapaho tribe. UUFL members Steve and Donna Hodder own a large tract of land on Pole Mountain which contains remains of Native American wigwams and teepees. Join us for a hike through the woods to pay respect to the original inhabitants of this region. Meet at the fellowship at 10:00 a.m. and we will carpool to the Hodder property. Bring a sack lunch for a post-hike meal!

If you have any questions, contact Ken Chestek.

Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife and Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion are on opposite ends of the faith spectrum. The authors’ personalities, too, are opposites. Although both take pride in their scientific training, one is a Southerner with Bible-belt sensibilities; the other, a Briton who revels in erudite expositions. One is personable; the other, stand-offish. One writes with emotional flair; the other, with an irony that can border on the bitter. The former may evoke a “Preach it, Brother!”; the latter, a “I’ll have your nuts, you arrogant s.o.b.!” All the same, both Alexander and Dawkins endeavor to help readers cope with the fact that someday the “I” we inhabit will have ceased to exist.

There’s no mistaking that each author preaches a gospel and that each gospel, however convincingly set forth, has its flaws. Alexander believes he has witnessed the light of God in Heaven even as Dawkins maintains that any and all variations on a supreme being are derived from tribal superstitions that have since turned institutionalized fantasies. However different their respective takes, each author shores up his assertions with findings from quantum science, and each quotes Albert Einstein on religion and ethics. Each book was a New York Times bestseller.

Is one of these authors right? Are both wrong? Could it be, each is on the right track in key aspects of his argument yet mistaken in others?

Over this July 4th Holiday weekend, this Sunday will be an informal gathering over coffee to discuss any topic of the group’s choosing hosted by Catie Ballard.

Today’s program will be a joint exploration with the Laramie Ecovillage group, exploring what community provides and/or requires of us in terms of our spiritual development. Expect a casual but lively conversation that will apply to both residential groups as well as being a faith community. Led by Manda Still and Ma’ikwe Ludwig.

Come for pancakes and fellowship as we shift into summer mode. Bring egg dishes, breakfast meats, fruit, juice or just your beautiful faces!! This invitation is for a relaxed delicious Sunday morning with UU friends Don and Catie Ballard will bring the pancakes, butter and syrup, you bring the fellowship!

Please join us for our annual Flower Communion service. Flower Communion is a favorite and uniquely Unitarian Universalist ritual celebrating beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. In this ceremony, everyone in the congregation brings a flower or flowers (homegrown or store bought) and places it on the altar in shared vases. The congregation blesses the flowers, and they’re redistributed. Each person brings home a different flower than the one they brought. This simple ritual that UUFL has done for many years reminds us of our shared community as we move to our more far-flung activities of summer.

Reminder:  As you travel this summer, whether it be to the Snowies, the East Coast, or China, remember to bring home a vial of water from places that hold special meaning for you to share in our Water Service ingathering ceremony on August 27th.