A recent Pew Research Center. (May 2015) survey shows the Christian share of the U.S. Population is declining while the number of U.S. adults who do not identify with any organized religion is growing.. the “nones”. Yet there still exists a spiritual hunger; a desire for people to authentically connect but don’t know how, a place for humanists, atheists, agnostics. Wait….that place already exists! Could it be…us?? Come this morning for a discussion about exploring how we might find new ways of reaching out to the “nones.”

Pope Francis has recently stirred up some controversy even among some Catholic clergy with his recent encyclical calling world leaders to take immediate action to care for the planet and reduce or reverse the process of global warming. We as UUs can find common cause with his initiative. Ken Chestek will lead an informal discussion about what we can do locally to advance the cause of climate justice.

Americans do not, in general, read or write poems. The task of poetry is to make lived experience accessible to others, and to help us understand our own selves, and our own lived experience more deeply through that lens. On this beautiful Sunday morning UUFL member Lori Howe who is an instructor in the English Department at UW will use a simple writing prompt to help each of us create a poem that does just this–share something meaningful to us, with others, through words. We guarantee no pressure; just being creative…together. Participate as you feel comfortable doing.

Isn’t every creative endeavor a way of touching or reaching out to something more? Come explore origami, bring kids, be all thumbs, but come. Catie Ballard opens this UN-folding/folding with readings from Rachel Remen MD, then we delve into the ancient Art of Origami as a spiritual practice.

Join us for a Camp out at Vedauwoo Saturday July 18th. We will be in the lower (tent) campground, but those with trailers can join us in the evening for s’mores! The following morning (the 19th) we will get together for a short hike at 9. A potluck brunch will follow at 10:30 at the picnic area between the campground and the box canyon Trailhead. Those who can’t come up to camp are welcome to join for the hike and/or brunch. Bring your own food, some entertainment for evening, gear for camping along with warm clothes for evening and a nibble dish to share for the brunch. Be sure to have comfortable clothes to hike in and maybe a chair. Look for the dark blue flag with a world on it and that will be our UUFL spot.
For more information call Claire Maloney at 205-612-2057.

Join Nancy and Jeff Lockwood on a pleasant outing to Hidden Falls at Curt Gowdy State Park. This is a moderate hike that should take the group around 2 hours depending on our pace and water falls viewing time.  We will meet at the Fellowship parking lot at 8:30 AM on July 12 and car pool to the trail head. Following the hike, you may journey back to Laramie, or stay for a “bring your own” picnic lunch. The State Park charges a $4/vehicle day use fee for state residents. Bring your Driver’s License for proof of residency. The National Forest Pass is not good at State Parks.
Directions to Curt Gowdy will be available for drivers on the day of the hike.

Come have Coffee & Conversation with Catie Ballard, we’ll have fun discussing freedom, what is it, how do we experience it personally, emotionally and mentally? Is it true what Abe Lincoln said, “We’re as happy as we’ll let ourselves be.”? Is joy & happiness a freedom you allow yourself to live? See you soon!

Once again member Catie Ballard has most generously offered to make a pancake breakfast for those wishing to come share a potluck Fellowship breakfast, with Catie flipping the pancakes. Those attending are asked to bring a side of cooked bacon, sausage or (always welcome), fruit salad or orange juice. This is a great morning for us to catch up with one another and just enjoy being together. Please bring your own table service so no one has to stay too long and clean up, though no doubt, the cook would appreciate help in tidying the kitchen afterwards.

Michelle Visser and Claire Moloney will lead a simple, family-oriented Solstice service followed by a picnic and hike in the Vedauwoo area. Please bring lawn chairs, picnic food, comfortable walking shoes, and other appropriate accoutrements to spend some time outdoors.  If you wish to carpool with others, please meet at the Fellowship building just before 10 a.m. so that you may be able to arrive at the Box Canyon in Vedauwoo by 10:30 a.m.

Dig into your stash of favorite books and bring them to the Fellowship on Sunday, June 14. We’ll have coffee and treats and a book swap — literal and virtual — to get the summer off to a great start. (Maybe it will jump-start summer which seems to be a bit slow getting here this year!)