Unitarian Universalism is a Faith Tradition informed by the historical record, reason, and truths which have been illuminated by other religions. Rev. Leslie Kee of the UU Church in Casper, will explore some of the ideas and concepts presented by religious scholar, Reza Aslan, in his best selling book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth about the historical Jesus, a man full of convictions yet rife with contradictions, a man of peace who exhorted his followers to arm themselves with swords. Who was the real Jesus around whom a whole religion was born? Come this morning to learn and perhaps, be surprised.
Final RE of the Church Year: The children of UUFL will come together for their last RE class.
Change for Change: Climb Wyoming presented by Sue Wedel

Please join us for a special end of church year program. Our children will lead us in the service. They will help us realize our special connection to one another, the Earth and our Universe.
A Note of Gratitude . . . Manda and Claire will be filling in for me as RE teachers for the final month of the church year as I head to Iowa to help my parents. Thanks so much to both of you for keeping things going and closing out the year with the children.—.Michelle Visser

“Sixty isn’t old if you are a tortoise or an Elephant … but it is if you are a liberal religious community in the middle of a conservative state…and that’s just what the UUFL is. This year marks the 60th birthday of our beloved religious community. It hasn’t always been easy but as the Whos in Whoville proudly exclaim “we are here, we are here!” Come join us for a morning of “Meaning, Mission and Memories” as we celebrate our history, rejoice in the present and envision the future. See Newsletter for more information.

UUFL 60th Celebration

What is the relationship between our carbon footprint and the food we grow and eat? Why does it matter? As we celebrate Earth Day , these concerns about food choices will be the topic of a panel of advocates of locally grown food. The panel includes: Bren Lieske, UUFL member and organic farmer, Erika Shoen, founder of ACRES, the UW student run farm, Marla Peterson, owner of our local food coop and Sonya Moore another person involved in local food. Please join us as our social action committee presents the last in a series of programs addressing Climate Change and Climate Justice.
R.E. today
New Member orientation

There is a place within each of us that needs to be connected with the land. An earth-based spiritual way of life is to understand this connection on a deeper level. Rev. Leslie Kee of the UU Church of Casper will explore why certain places, human-made or within the natural world, are essential to a healthy spiritual practice.

Change for Change benefits Wild Earth Guardians; presented by Ralph Garrett.

Our guest minister this Easter morning is Ruth Rinehart, a candidate for UU ministry, currently in her third year of study at Iliff School of Theology in Denver. She asks us: “As the interdependent web awakens into spring, as the days lengthen and the deep of the dark earth offers its riches up into the sunlight, as our faith mobilizes around the importance of responding to climate change, how will we respond? In our individual personal lives, in our congregations, and in the wider world, what does this cycle of renewal bring?”
Ruth is also a member of the UU church in Golden and…a beekeeper.
This Easter morning we will also have a simple finger food brunch after the service. Please bring fruit, bread, muffins or some morning food to add to the refreshment table. Children wishing to hunt Easter eggs need to bring 6 colored eggs per child and a basket to put them in during the hunt after our refreshments.

Three award-winning authors — Mary Beth Baptiste, Alyson Hagy and Brad Watson — will be the featured presenters at “An Evening with Authors” on Wednesday, April 1. from 7 to 9 pm at the Fellowship. All three will read from their published work. The readings will be followed by conversation at an informal wine and cheese reception. For more information, contact Marian at 742-0372 or Barbara at 399-0806.

Erik Molvar, who describes his work as “advancing ecologically and societally responsible solutions through environmental advocacy, sustainable policy development, legal intervention, sound planning, and media and public outreach” will continue our series of programs on World Climate.  Erik is the Sagebrush Sea Campaign Director at WildEarth Guardians.

Because March 22nd is World Water Day the service will focus on water as a human right; not a privilege, or a commodity, or a weapon, but a “god given” right for all beings. Today’s service will be conducted by the Social Action Committee.

As this is beginning of spring break, we will opt for a more informal morning. Come share a cup of coffee and let’s see where our conversation leads. ….violence in the Mideast…presidential options…ministerial options? Come join the dialog with fellow seekers.