On this Sunday after the Thanksgiving holiday, Catie Ballard will lead a “Coffee and Conversation” on a topic of mutual interest to the group in attendance.

Through a number of approaches, I’ll share how even in uncertain times our lives are abundantly graced and blessed in many ways.

Annual Thanksgiving Potluck at 5:30.  A long standing tradition at our UU Fellowship is our annual Thanksgiving Potluck.  We ask that you bring your own tableware (so no one has to stay and wash dishes) and a generous dish to share. We need vegetable dishes, side dishes such as potatoes and dressing, salads, desserts and of course a few turkeys. You can sign up at the Fellowship or email Linda (lindgold@hotmail.com).

Our fellowship is a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (a.k.a. the UUA). That is not so much a “governing body” (since UU’s can’t really be governed by anybody but themselves), but exactly as the name says, it is an affiliation of like-minded congregations. Those congregations gather annually at a General Assembly to elect leaders, exchange ideas about best practices within our congregations, and adopt public statements about the big social issues of our day. Bren Lieske and Ken Chestek represented UUFL in Portland, Oregon at the 2015 General Assembly, and will share their experiences as well as report on the social justice action issues that were adopted by the more than 500 congregations present.

Today one in ten Americans, and even more dramatically about one in four women, will experience clinical depression at some point in their lives. As a society, we’re increasingly aware of the many faces of depression, and we’ve become conversant in the language of the psychological analysis of depression and medical treatment for it. And now there is a growing body of literature written by people who have struggled with depression and found it to be a lesson in the nature of the human soul. In this service, I’ll share an intimate look at the spiritual dimensions of this illness and its aftermath.

R.E.: Respecting the Earth

The turning of the season from summer to winter invites reflection on the natural cycles of the earth and evokes memories of those we have loved and lost. If you wish, please bring a picture or memento to place on the memorial table. If you have fall foliage or flowers to decorate the sanctuary, they would be most appreciated!
Change for Change will be for Wild Earth Guardians.

Harvey Hix is a professor of philosophy and creative writing at UW, where he’s been thinking and writing for 10 years. This remarkable poet has been honored as National Book Award Finalist, a Fulbright Distinguished Lectureship, and NEA Fellowship, and the T.S. Eliot Prize.

A startup workshop is our opportunity to set our goals and establish the parameters and expectations of how we and our new settled minister will interact.  This workshop will offer opportunities for:
Looking Backwards- Where have we been? What have we been through?
Looking Inward – How do we operate? What is the ministry of this church? What are we here for?
Looking Forward – Where are we going? What can we accomplish?
Covenanting – How shall we be together? What can we promise each other?

The  schedule includes a morning session from 9 am – 11:30 am for the congregation and a session from 12:30 pm – 3 pm for Fellowship leaders. Amy Rowland, a representative from the Mountain Dessert District, will facilitate.


Catie Ballard and Barbara Bogart host a fun, creative, interactive Sunday morning. Come and share your journeys.

Most religious folk can succinctly tell you what they believe. Unitarian Universalists, normally gifted at speech, sometimes fumble for words. How might religious liberals respond to the ubiquitous question, – “So, what do you believe?”
The Reverend Martin Woulfe is the Parish Minister for the Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation (ALUUC) in Springfield, Illinois. He is ALUUC’s first full-time settled minister and he took up his roles and responsibilities in August of 2003. Rev. Woulfe and Rev. Ziegler attended Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago together and have been good friends ever since. Rev. Woulfe is also offering the sermon for Rev. Ziegler’s Installation and Celebration service.

R.E. ‘Taking another Person’s Perspective’ Bring found materials

In this special service, we will be installing the Rev. Jacqueline Zeigler as our settled minister.  UU ministers from the Front Range and the MDD will take part in this solemn occasion with a special sermon from Rev. Martin Woulfe titled “What Will We Stand For.”  The service begins at 1:30PM with a reception to follow.  Come celebrate this occasion.