Over this July 4th Holiday weekend, this Sunday will be an informal gathering over coffee to discuss any topic of the group’s choosing hosted by Catie Ballard.

Today’s program will be a joint exploration with the Laramie Ecovillage group, exploring what community provides and/or requires of us in terms of our spiritual development. Expect a casual but lively conversation that will apply to both residential groups as well as being a faith community. Led by Manda Still and Ma’ikwe Ludwig.

Come for pancakes and fellowship as we shift into summer mode. Bring egg dishes, breakfast meats, fruit, juice or just your beautiful faces!! This invitation is for a relaxed delicious Sunday morning with UU friends Don and Catie Ballard will bring the pancakes, butter and syrup, you bring the fellowship!

Please join us for our annual Flower Communion service. Flower Communion is a favorite and uniquely Unitarian Universalist ritual celebrating beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. In this ceremony, everyone in the congregation brings a flower or flowers (homegrown or store bought) and places it on the altar in shared vases. The congregation blesses the flowers, and they’re redistributed. Each person brings home a different flower than the one they brought. This simple ritual that UUFL has done for many years reminds us of our shared community as we move to our more far-flung activities of summer.

Reminder:  As you travel this summer, whether it be to the Snowies, the East Coast, or China, remember to bring home a vial of water from places that hold special meaning for you to share in our Water Service ingathering ceremony on August 27th. 

I invite you to imagine yourself at a dinner party, the only person there who goes to a church.  When this telling bit of information inadvertently leaks out, you pique the curiosity of your dinner companions – all of whom graduated from organized religion years ago.  They want to know why. You don’t want to evangelize so you respond a little defensively, “Well, it’s not really a church.  You see, I am a Unitarian Universalist.” They want to know more.  You don’t want to evangelize. The conversation continues and you are pushing spin control buttons.

Is there no such thing as an evangelical Unitarian Universalist? In my book there is. For me, an evangelical Unitarian Universalist is not an oxymoron.  In this reflection I’ll share why this is so. Hopefully, one of you (or all of you) will become one heck of an “EVANGELICAL” Unitarian Universalist.

This Sunday will be an informal gathering over coffee to discuss any topic of the group’s choosing hosted by Catie Ballard

It’s time to celebrate the Fellowship. So in this service we’ll hold a New Member Ceremony and celebrate our new friends. As it takes the dedication of time, and the energy of UUFL’s members and friends to keep the Fellowship building, programs, services, etc., viable over the year, we’ll acknowledge and thank those people in a Volunteer Recognition Ceremony. As the lyrics from that joyful 1980 song, “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang say, “Yahoo, we’re gonna celebrate and have a good time.”

Indeed, after the service we’ll continue our celebration with good food and then our Annual Meeting where we’ll hear about the success of our 2017—2018 Annual Budget Drive, find out about the successful work of UUF’s committees and vote on a slate of new Board members and other important matters related to the Fellowship’s next year and beyond. So come celebrate and party with us!

This service has been written and planned by the children of Religious Education and will be a participatory service. See Page 2 of the UULaramie News May 2017 for more details.

SPECIAL NOTICE, On May 14, in holding with its original intent, I and UUFL’s Social Action Team are holding a special Mother’s Day Rally at 1 p.m. See page 7 for more information about this special rally.

Children’s Religious Education 

Today in the United States, Mother’s Day is a holiday that celebrates our love for the special women in our lives– often with flowers, breakfast in bed, brunches and pretty cards extolling the virtues of Motherhood. That’s all very nice. However, Mother’s Day didn’t start off being about breakfast in bed, flowers, and pretty cards. The Unitarian Julia Howe was the person behind this national holiday. Her intent for the holiday is rooted in our sixth principle, “The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.” Unitarian Universalists today are reclaiming its original intent. Join me as I lift-up how Unitarian Universalists today are reclaiming the holiday’s original intent.
Change for Change

Do humans have an inner longing for something more out of life, and if so, do religious liberals shy away from what could be described as the soul’s longing for God?  Our special guest minister, Rev Leslie Kee from the UU church in Casper, will consider this question in this morning’s sermon.

Religious Education