How often have you tried to explain to someone what Unitarian Universalists (UU) believe or do not believe? What do you say to someone after you’ve told her or him we do not subscribe to any creed? How do you respond to someone who tells you that, in their opinion, UUism is not a religion because it doesn’t have any faith grounding it?
In this very light-hearted yet very serious reflection I lift up how we have lots of faith! Hopefully, I will have even provided some answers to those questions that may have been going around in your head for quite some time.
This is a great service to bring that person/s in your life who keeps vexing you with questions about UUism. Or it is for that someone who you sense is a Unitarian Universalist at heart and you feel would fall in love with it if they were introduced to it through a humorous and an honestly informative service.

Dr. Palmer is an alternative medicine provider who has been practicing in Laramie for 9 years and has helped numerous patients through challenging medical situations. Drawing on his experiences in practice, he will be speaking on how people discover the solutions they need during difficult times in life.

Unitarian Universalism has been called the “Quintessential Democratic Religion.” However, people seldom connect patriotism with Unitarian Universalism. Yet by all accounts we are a very patriotic religion. As it is the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and it is American’s Patriot Day, this thought-provoking reflection considers Unitarian Universalism’s distinct brand of patriotism. The reflection defines important distinctions, including the one between nationalism and patriotism.

Join Barbara Bogart for a casual conversation on the topic of choice on this holiday weekend.

water-life-cropA long standing tradition both within our UUFL and the wider UU community is the Water Communion. Its a Welcome back/In Gathering service which connects us again to one another after a summer of many of us being apart. In this inter-generational service, you are asked to bring a small amount of water from a place of SIGNIFICANCE where you were over the summer, maybe from a hike at Yellowstone, the stream at Moab or maybe from your own faucet. You’re then asked to speak briefly about the significance of the place to you or event from which this water came. All our water will then be pooled together to represent our coming together once again as a religious community. (Water can be symbolic if you don’t have water from the actual place.) Come join us as we begin our year together!

Traditionally we have used this Sunday to tidy up the building and our outdoor area. This year we may be painting in addition to washing windows and pulling weeds. At newsletter deadline time,we aren’t quite sure when we will need to paint OUR NEW kitchen, office and handicapped accessible bathroom. So please watch our FB page and our web site to learn if painting will be on the agenda this morning. We know we have a lot to do before our first formal service on August 28th. Come this Sunday and see our wonderful renovations and help us put things back in order. There will be many boxes to unpack in addition to our regular clean up duties. We need your help, even if only for an hour. Snacks and cold drinks promised to all volunteers.

Hikers are to meet at 8:00 AM at the Fellowship and share rides to the trail-head, a 45 minute drive. Bring water, snacks, and lunch for the trail and appropriate clothing for the weather – always be prepared for a thunderstorm, wind, and changing temperatures. By leaving early, we hope to be off the peak before the typical afternoon thunderstorms come in. To park at the trailhead, you need a forest service pass or $7.00 per vehicle.

IMG_0110.JPGMedicine Bow Peak, at an elevation of 12,000 feet, offers spectacular panoramic views from the summit and gorgeous scenery along the way. There are 2 main routes to the summit both involving fairly significant elevation gain (1200 or 1600 feet), some “bouldering” as you approach the summit, and some exposure along the trail. Regardless of route, one should be in good physical condition. More complete descriptions of the routes are in the August newsletter. Please contact Nancy Lockwood regarding which route you prefer and she will lead the trip on the route chosen by the majority. See page 5 of the newsletter for more information about the choices.

For those not going on the hike, we will be meeting at our building to perhaps paint, or if the rooms are not ready, do some unpacking of boxes and /or some washing of windows in the sanctuary. Much depends on how much is done with renovations between now and then. Come stop by if you don’t go mountain climbing. We would love to see you.

Join us as we continue to work our way through the Alphabet of Spirituality with the letter F. This workshop will shed new light on the topic of Forgiveness by looking through the lens of what neuroscience, contemplative practice and psychology tell us about what forgiveness IS and what it ISN’T. A gentle and informative adventure into a tough topic. Paper & pencil provided, bring your willingness!

The United Church of Christ has sometimes been referred to as “kissin’ cousins” of Unitarian Universalists. Certainly here in Laramie we have found common ground over the years with UCC members and their former ministers. They espouse a more liberal theology and social action practice than do some other mainline Christian churches. They too are a small congregation. Let’s get to know one another better, and perhaps explore ways we might work together, whether in social action causes or Religious Education events. Lets play together! We will with begin a very short, informal ‘service,’ followed by opportunities to visit, play games, and start up the grill. A POTLUCK lunch will be at 11:30. We will be at UNDINE PARK starting our service at 10. (watch for a sign to show our location). There is a splash pond there for kids to enjoy as well. Bring your lunch fixings and park toys.

Summertime hopefully offers us a little bit more free time to do a favorite pastime of many of us … reading. What great titles might you recommend to others? What is your favorite current read? Bring some suggestions for others. Bring if you want, a book you might be willing to trade or give away. Come prepared for an informal morning of sharing titles of books you have found memorable.