The task of poetry is to make lived experiences accessible to others and to help us understand our own selves and our own lived experiences more deeply through that lens. Lori Howe, UUFL member, published author of “Cloudshade: Poems of the High Plains” and most recently “Voices of Twilight: A Poets Guide to Wyoming Ghost Towns” will facilitate this mornings workshop on poetry. She will use a simple writing prompt to help each of us create a poem. We guarantee no pressure, just being creative together. Participate as you feel comfortable. We had a wonderful, relaxed and creative time last summer doing this….and shared some amazing poems. Do join us.

Catie Ballard will host a relaxed coffee and conversation where we will rewrite the Pledge of Allegiance! Let this holiday weekend stir your creative and patriotic mindedness by joining in the fun!

The making of prayer flags can be found in almost every culture. They offer us bePrayer flagsauty, reminders, and declarations. Arrive in clothes that don’t mind paint, and plan on spending more than an hour to enjoy creating prayer flags decorated in your very own style!

Please look in closets, craft rooms, garages and attics to donate cloth, ribbons, buttons, lace etc. for making prayer flags. Call Catie Ballard at 399-9153 and she will pick up scraps, bolts, shoe boxes, bags or even a handful of any crafty things you want to donate!! Lets make prayer flags rich with possibilities and creativity!!

pancakesCome for pancakes and fellowship as we shift into summer mode. Bring egg dishes, breakfast meats, fruit, juice or just your beautiful faces!!  This invitation is for a relaxed delicious Sunday morning with UU friends.  Don and Catie Ballard will bring the pancakes, butter and syrup, you bring the fellowship!  What better way to celebrate Father’s Day?

Jumping off from the lyrics of Gershwin’s popular song from his operatic musical, Porgy and Bess, “Summertime … and the livin’ is easy,” we’ll look at how summertime, more often than not for us moderns, is anything but a time of “easy” living.

Please join us for our Flower Communion service. Flower Communion is a favorite and uniquely Unitarian-Universalist ritual celebrating beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. In this ceremony, everyone in the congregation brings a flower or flowers (homegrown or store bought) and places it on the altar in shared vases. The congregation blesses the flowers, and they’re redistributed. Each person brings home a different flower than the one they brought. This is a simple lovely ritual which UUFL has done for many years and a great way to welcome summer (whenever it comes to Laramie!).

Come join us for good Conversation on topics of your choice and refreshments. These are often some of the best programs.

It’s time to celebrate the Fellowship. So in this service we’ll hold a New Member Ceremony and celebrate our new friends. As it takes the dedication of time, and energy of UUFL’s members and friends to keep the Fellowship building, programs, services, etc., viable over the year, we’ll acknowledge and thank those people in a Volunteer Recognition Ceremony. As the lyrics from that joyful hippie song, “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang say, “Yeah-Hoo, we’re gonna celebrate and have a good time.”
After the service we’ll continue our celebration with a break and then our Annual Meeting where we’ll hear about the success of our 2016-2017 Annual Budget Drive, find out about the successful work of UUFl’s committees and vote on important matters related to the Fellowship’s next year and beyond. So come celebrate and party with us!

Please join us for the Multigenerational Service led by Manda Still and Leah Byrnes with our children who are excited to show off their puppet show, as well as show what they know about the details of leading the congregation in song and service. We will highlight what we’ve learned throughout the year, and perform the play we’ve worked so hard on; we’ll see you there!

This Mother’s Day reflection invites us to think about the word “mother” as a verb, as a way to widen our collective notion of what and who a mother might be. A special candle-lighting ceremony will be offered, and to honor your special ‘mother person’ everyone will have the opportunity to pick a red or white carnation as a way to let others know whether that special person is alive or has passed away.

We’re honored to have Sheldon Williams play for this service. Sheldon is a very accomplished violinist who is always one of the soloists when the youth from the Wyoming String Academy perform. The piece he’ll play is the exquisite La Folia by Arcangelo Corell.