Because it is a holiday weekend, we will have no formal service, but instead offer “Coffee and Conversation” to those looking for both on this Sunday morning.

We invite all members and friends to join us for our traditional Christmas eve service at 7:00 on December 24th. There will be a quiet and gentle program of carols and readings that will allow everyone to slow down for awhile, settle into a evening of calm amidst the hubbub of the season, and reconnect with a sense of all that is good and right about a holiday in which we celebrate generosity, hope for peace, and work toward justice.

Join us for a morning of holiday songs, Children’s Reader’s Theater and other readings as we celebrate the joys and beauty of this season of peace and hope. We invite anyone, young or old, who would like to share their musical, talents, to participate in the service. Please let Michelle Visser ( know what you would like to sing or play. Young folk are especially encouraged to play.
Please remember warm socks, gloves, hats and mittens for our Mitten Tree and gifts for our Holiday Families. These are long standing UUFL Traditions, with items being donated to local, citizens in need via Interfaith and Safe House.  Also, we ask that you bring back your filled Guest At your Table boxes to be placed under the Mitten Tree. Holiday hymns and Christmas cookies will round out the morning. Come share in our Family Christmas program.


We welcome back Rev Leslie Kee from the Casper UU Church as our guest minister this morning. In the 2000 years since its inception, the nativity story is still alive and well. Even though its tradition continues to generate great loyalty, is there an alternative theological perspective for those who seek a different understanding of the Christ Child?

December RE will be offered this Sunday (December 14th). We will discuss what we can do to cultivate peace around us during the holidays as well as throughout the time in which we experience the least amount of light throughout our day.  We will also be practicing the Readers Theater we will be performing during the intergenerational service on Sunday, December 21st (winter solstice!).  The preparations for the readers theater will begin during our non-Sunday RE, Thursday, December 4th (right after the monthly potluck). If you are unable to attend on that day, but you or your child would like to participate in the Readers Theater on the 21st, please email Michelle at so we can plan for you to have a part.

Change for Change is for our Holiday Families.

Well, you’ve heard of “random acts of kindness”- it’s time for our annual UU program of “Guerilla Goodness.” At this time of year, we are often overwhelmed with preparations for the holiday. We want to reach out to others, but we’re buried in ‘to-do’ and shopping lists. Wouldn’t it be nice in this season of giving to have an opportunity to take an hour and give without all the craziness? Your program committee has done all of the planning and you just need to show up with a spirit of generosity. We will assemble teams to do simple, unconditionally nice things for our members, neighbors, and the community. In the course of an hour, we’ll spread some happiness by baking, sharing, cleaning, fixing, visiting, shopping, and shoveling. There will be activities appropriate for kids who want to help others. There will be childcare for babies.

This will be an informal morning of conversation around Guest At Your Table boxes. What are these boxes we all put in the middle of our table during the holidays? Why are they an integral part of the social action we UU’s profess to believe in? Members of our own Social Action committee will share some of the projects this year’s Guest at Your Table program supports.

This Sunday, the Venerable Dick Naumann, Archdeacon of the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming and former/beloved chaplain of Hospice—and a previous speaker who generates wonderful thinking-feeling among UUs—will consider the deep nature of forgiveness. With all the chaos and strife in the world how can anyone take forgiveness seriously? What about the guy who cut me off in traffic causing me to spill my latte and ruining my new trousers? And how can anyone forgive terrorists who kill and torture innocents? Or the brother-in-law who cheated on your sister? For many of us forgiving those who harm others doesn’t seem to accomplish anything. “What’s in it for me?” they ask. Well, there is more, much more, than meets the eye and much to be gained by embracing forgiveness at every level of relationship. It isn’t easy but the rewards are great.

5:30 pm Our Annual Thanksgiving Pot Luck

Between politics, local and national and environmental issues, there surely is some topic each of us cares deeply about. This Sunday we will hear from 5 UUFL members and the cause they are passionate about as each them speaks for 5 minutes. Then, as SOCIAL ACTION is part of our UU identity we will all be given the opportunity to support one of these causes via sending a letter or postcard to the appropriate legislator or agency stating our opinion and why. Postcards, stamps and addresses will be available during the last 15 minutes of the service when we are all encouraged to fill one out. (If you would like to be one of our speakers willing to speak on your cause for 5 minutes, give Ralph Garrett a call, 745-8712)

One of the many blessings we have to be grateful for this holiday season and indeed, throughout the year is the gift of music. We will experience that gift of music with a morning of singing. You don’t need to have perfect pitch, just have joy in your heart and a willingness to sing with others.
Round singing is an easy and pleasant way to create harmony. All singers sing a line of melody, but by starting at different time, they create rich layers of sound. Many rounds use spiritual text. Jewish tradition includes a beautiful Hanukkah round. There are numerous hallelujahs from the Christian tradition. There are even rounds for pagans and animists. Come join us for a morning of rounds and “joyful music.”

Change for Change is the Wyoming Outdoor Council presented by Claire Mooney.

Our guest minister this morning is Rev. Audette Fulbright, from our neighboring UU Church over the hill in Cheyenne. This is what she says about her service with us this morning: “Religions have been teaching the fundamentals of compassionate & connected human relationships for eons. It turns out, science can lend insight, as well. The question is – will we listen?” Please join us in welcoming Audette to our Laramie Fellowship.