Volunteer Opportunities

Everyone is expected to donate time for basic housekeeping and Sunday morning tasks:

Greet once or more during each quarter (2 1/2 months).  It is so welcoming to see a smiling face when we enter the Fellowship on Sunday mornings!

Bring Snacks.  Whether you are a master baker, vegetable slicer, or professional shopper, a small bite with coffee is always welcome!

Clean-up after Coffee-hour.  Washing up the mugs followed by a quick clean-up keeps the coffee area clean and inviting.


Other tasks can be done at more flexible times throughout the week:

Organize the cupboards, kitchen, office, or R.E. classrooms.  Entropy tends to take over our space and we need to restore order once or twice a year.

Clean the church—We try to thoroughly clean the building at least once a month.  With a partner it goes quickly.

Purchase green products—Restocking our paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, and hand soap with green products is something that can be combined with your weekly shopping trip and it helps keep our footprint green!


Your time and talents are always welcome on one of the on-going committees below:



Religious Education (Children’s)


Social Action

Green Sanctuary

Building & Grounds


For more information about individual committee objectives and goals, see Committees


Other fun traditional projects and activities include the following:

Chocolate Fiesta–a February tradition of everything chocolate.  Volunteers make chocolate confections, sell raffle tickets, price items, decorate, are cashiers, provide coffee and tea, sell raffle tickets for some awesome prizes, recruit gift donations, and sell tickets…

Friendship Families Program of Laramie–volunteers can help with putting together packets, copying, recruiting families, recruiting international students, work on publicity and help with student and family orientations.  If you would like to be a Friendship Family or learn more about the program,contact Leann Naughton at 761-1240, 745-0747 or leann868@msn.com .

Circle Suppers–Dine and enjoy the company of other UUs and friends.  This is a great way to get to know each other.  Families, singles, couples who sign up to participate are divided into groups of about 8 and get together once a month for a meal and to socialize.  For more information, contact Jennifer Wade (jswade.wyo@gmail.com).

For a complete listing of these activities, see Traditional projects and activities.