Traditional Projects and Activities

The UU Fellowship a capella choir performs about 6 times a year.  For a relatively small Fellowship, the music is excellent.  Everyone is welcome to try out for any of the four parts.  We perform a wide variety of music–everything from hymns to spirituals to UU classics.  Join us!

Circle Suppers are an entertaining way to get to know other UU members and friends.  Those who sign up are divided into groups of 6 to 8 and get together monthly for a meal with the host for that month’s supper.  Who knew so many UUs could be such great cooks!  To learn more or sign up, contact Jennifer Wade (

The Friendship Families Program of Laramie is a non-live-in host family program that matches local Laramie families with international students attending the University of Wyoming.  This program was established in 1997 and continues under the leadership of Leann Naughton.  The purpose of the program is friendship and understanding.  The UW Students and Scholars Department helps with recruiting of students and utilization of equipment and supplies.  This program has had hundreds of students and families participate since its inception.  If you and your family would like to be matched with an international student from a country of your choice, please contact Leann Naughton at 761-1240 or .

choc fiesta bannerThe Chocolate Fiesta is an annual tradition that has thrived for most of the Fellowship’s 50+ years existence.  Every year in February, usually around Valentine’s Day, this fiesta is held.  This fundraiser shares the proceeds with a local non-profit partner.  Members and friends from both the non-profit and the Fellowship bake, create, construct, freeze, dip confections out of chocolate.  From chocolate covered grasshoppers, brownies, death-by-chocolate, fudge, cookies, cakes, the community heads to the undercroft of the Episcopal Church on or about the 14th of February to stock up on all kinds of chocolate goodies.  This wonderful tradition is very, very popular every year with the Laramie community.  If you have any questions or wish to volunteer, contact Rebecca Roberts at 760-6513.

Monthly Potluck takes place on the first Thursday of every month.  Bring a dish to share, something to drink, a dessert, anything and everything.  Bring your own setups and enjoy the UU community outside of Sunday mornings.  For any questions, contact Sara Blake at (307) 343-5148.

Sunday Night Meditation is open to the community and begins Sunday evening at 5 PM.  Based on but not limited to the mindfulness practices of insight meditation, it may include beads, movement, tea, ceremony, art and nature.  Members, friends, curious seekers, are all welcome!  Questions, contact Catie Ballard, 399-9153 or .