Path to Membership

New Members May 2016

New Member Ceremony May 2016

If you have been attending the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Laramie (UUFL) for a while, you may have been thinking about becoming a member. Hopefully you have attended one of our informal gatherings, “Getting To Know UU,” held after a Sunday service approximately every other month, to learn a little about the UUFL. This document explains what it means to join the Fellowship and the steps that lead to the official designation as a member.

We welcome all who are interested in Unitarian Universalism to participate in most programs at the UUFL. We want membership to be meaningful, so we encourage you to take time to decide if this is the religious community to which you want to commit. We call people who participate in our Fellowship but have not formally joined it “friends.” Just like members, friends are welcome to attend Sunday services, Religious Exploration for Children and Adults, and social events. They are invited to participate in the life of the UUFL by joining committees, working on short term task forces, sharing their special interests and skills by offering a class, participating in Sunday services and our “Get Connected!” volunteer program, sharing their thoughts at Congregational Meetings, and pledging their financial support. The minister is glad to meet with friends to explore their spiritual journeys.

Joining the UUFL represents an increased commitment to Unitarian Universalism and to this congregation. Our Bylaws state that “Any person 14 or older may become a member of this Fellowship if he/she expresses agreement with its purpose as described in its bylaws.” This congregation relies on the participation and financial support of all of its members and friends to fulfill our many ministries. Members are expected to give generously of their “time, talent, and treasure” within their means.

Membership also represents an increased commitment of the UUFL to the member. In addition to the ways friends are invited to participate, members can serve on the Board of Trustees, Committee on Ministry, and Nominating and Search Committees. They can also vote at Congregational Meetings. The UUFL pays about $90/member to our national and regional associations, and members receive a quarterly magazine, “UU World,” published by the Unitarian Universalist Association. The minister offers rites of passage without charge to members (and pledging friends.)

The following details the path to membership:

These are the steps to take if you are thinking about joining the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Laramie

  • Talk with the minister. She will listen to your thoughts about joining and answer your questions about Unitarian Universalism and the UUFL. She will explain the responsibilities and obligations of membership.
  • Periodically, if there are enough people getting to know the UUFL, we will hold a half-day “Path to Membership” session where you can meet committee chairs, Board members, and other congregational leaders. If one of these gatherings is not offered during the time you are considering membership, the minister and/or a Membership Committee member will answer your questions or connect you with someone else who can.
  • When you have decided to join, gather with the minister and Fellowship leaders after the service to sign the Membership Book on a “Joining Sunday.” Joining Sundays are held approximately every two months if there are people wishing to join. It is a fairly informal event, where we get to know one another a little and celebrate the step you are taking in becoming a member. If no Joining Sunday fits your schedule, the minister will make an appointment with you to join.
  • Shortly after you join someone will contact you to talk about your financial pledge to the UUFL.
  • New members will be announced at a Sunday service and in the Newsletter. There will be a formal “New Member Welcome” during a Sunday service about twice a year, when there are new members. During this ceremony the congregation and the new members covenant with each other to share their spiritual journeys, support, and friendship.


Welcome to membership in the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Laramie. 

We are glad you are here!