Community Holidays 2017

Dear UUFL members and friends,

We are sponsoring 5 children from 3 households through the Community Holidays program.

Click on this link to signup up: and use the following guidelines when signing up and purchasing:

1.      As a group, we are asked to spend around $35 per person total.  The program would like to help as many families as they can.   If you want to spend more, consider sponsoring an individual or family on your own (see information below*).

2.      As a group, we are asked to consider purchasing two items per person, an item of clothing and another gift.  Each person will have clothing sizes as well ideas for needed and wanted items, if provided by the family.  Use your discretion in evaluating their ideas. Using the attached sign up sheet, click on the description for each child for further information as to gift ideas, etc..

3.      As there may be more people in our Fellowship wanting to provide gifts than the suggested two items per person, please consider signing up to sponsor a family or individual on your own or provide a gift card or money directly to the program if the sign-up sheet is full (see information below*).
4.      It is critical that all gifts are dropped off unwrapped, with their identification information to the Fellowship or to Nancy Lockwood by Dec. 10.   Identification information is on the attached sign-up list.  To find the identification information, click on the description for each child.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your gifts, please email Community Holidays at  or call (307) 314-2355 or contact Nancy Lockwood at
Gifts need to be brought to the Fellowship by Sunday morning, December 10.  If you will not be able to drop them off at the Fellowship, you can contact me to make arrangements to get them to me no later than Dec. 10.  The unwrapped gifts need to be delivered to First Baptist Church (1517 E Canby St) by December 11th so that they can be prepared for the recipients.

If you’d be interested in helping deliver the gifts to the First Baptiste Church, please let me know.

The Community Holidays program is also in need of volunteers to help in organizing gifts.  If interested in volunteering, you may sign up by going to .  Volunteers will be divided into 2 hour shifts.

*The program is also seeking additional sponsors.  Use the link below to sign up.

Thanks so much.