What happens during the worship service?

A typical Sunday worship service consists of a message or sermon; readings that reflect the theme of the message; the recitation of our congregational covenant; hymns and other music; and a period of meditation.

After the service people socialize over coffee and other refreshments

Can I bring my children to the service

Your children are welcome to stay with you during the service or to attend the religious education class when it is available.  We have an adjacent listening and viewing room where you may go to see and hear the service should your infant become fussy.

What should I wear?

You are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable.  Many in the congregation dress casually though some men wear sport jackets and some women wear dresses, skirts or pants.

Will I be welcome?

Yes.  We welcome everyone.  An important UU core belief is to be accepting and celebrating the wide diversity of humanity:  rich and poor, white and people of color; young and old; walking and wheeling; heterosexual and homosexual.  Members come from many different occupations, cultural heritages and religious traditions.

Will I be welcome if I’m lesbian or gay

UUFL is a “Welcoming Congregation”—an official designation meaning we welcome persons of all sexual orientations:  straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or questioning.

Will I be welcome if I’m agnostic or atheist?  Or if I identify as Christian, Jewish or any other religious tradition?

Yes.  Some of our members are agnostics, atheists, humanists or others who don’t fully embrace a  traditional concept of “God.”  Still others may bring elements of other religious traditions such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or other traditions.  UU provides a safe place for people to explore and grow spiritually from wherever they start to wherever they journey.  Religious education for children teaches them how to make informed decisions and ethical choices.  A basic tenant of UU focuses on making the world a better place through social action.

Will I be pressured to join or to convert?

No.  We do try to be friendly by greeting you and talking with you during coffee hour but we will never ask you to join our church right away.  In fact, we recommend that you visit for a while to see if UU is a good fit for you.  We respect everyone’s personal spiritual beliefs and accept all religious traditions.  If you decide ultimately to become a member of our church, we will happily welcome you but we respect that that is your choice.

What are the sermons like?

Sermons and other worship messages tend not to be dogmatic or based on a religious creed.  Instead they strive to offer thought provoking ideas on a topic to stimulate thinking more deeply about that topic to help you define your own beliefs about it.