The Membership Committee is responsible for fostering and nurturing Fellowship growth and retention by ensuring visitors, newcomers, as well as regular friends and members, are welcomed warmly and provided with UUFL information.  Membership also maintains a database and is instrumental in working with the minister in providing classes for membership and in celebrating New Member Sundays.  If you are passionate about UU and people, contact Robin Chestek, 317-402-1948.  (The area code is not a typo).


The Program Committee is a group of dedicated UU’s responsible for the Sunday Services when we do not have a minister.  They provide stimulating, imaginative, worship services that touch on diverse topics.  Have an idea for a service?  Contact Barbara Bogart,, and consider contributing your ideas to this group.

Religious Education (Children’s):

The Religious Education Committee is responsible for developing and providing the religious education programs for children attending the Fellowship.  After many successful years of children’s religious education programs, we are undergoing some changes.  This area is currently under construction!  Please contact Manda Still ( or Catie Ballard ( if you would like to participate in this valuable area.


The Caring Committee provides recognition or solace or perhaps just a kind word for some of life’s major events.  Please contact Sarah Blake ( or Catie Ballard ( if you connect with people and want to help when it is most needed.

Social Action:

The Social Action Committee facilitates the social service programs undertaken by the Fellowship.  This group has been instrumental in initiating “Change for Change” a monthly collection that donates to a local non-profit organization.  We have donated to the following groups this past year:  Safe, UW Law School legal services for low-income families, the Downtown Clinic, Climb Wyoming, Community Holidays, and Wyoming Outdoor Council.

At Christmastime, the Social Action Committee coordinates with Interfaith Good-Samaritan to select one of more families facing hardship for the Fellowship to “adopt” for the season.  Members of the congregation then buy gifts for individual family members that are collected at our annual Family Christmas Service.  Gifts are presented as being from the Fellowship.

SA also serves as a link between our Fellowship and the UU Service Committee.  We actively participate in the Guest at your Table Program which provides financial support for the national UUSC. In addition, Social Action annually supports the Interfaith Walk that helps fund the Interfaith Good Samaritan Foundation.  If you would like more information, please contact Ralph Garrett at 745-8712.

Publicity Committee:

The publicity committee is responsible for publicizing the activities of the Fellowship through the newsletter, web site, and advertising.  If you would like to share your talents in writing, publication, or web design, we would love to hear from you.  For more information, contact Marian Erdelyi,

For newsletter contributions, contact Barbara Bogart at; contact David Perry at 721-9881 or for website questions.

Building and Grounds:

Building maintenance is on-going.  If you like to fix thing, build things, organize and improve–we need you!  If you are interested in contributing your talents in this area, contact Steve Lieske at 745-8532 or

Landscaping  (as a part of the Building Committee):

Like to cut grass, water, pull weeds, plant flowers, keep the outside of our building looking good, please contact Marian Erdelyi, 742-0372 or  If you want to plan where to put our engraved brick path, join us!

Green Sanctuary:

The mission of Green Sanctuary is to help build a connection between spiritual practice and environmental consciousness and sustainability within our Fellowship and the wider community.  The goals are to provide programs for both the Fellowship and the wider community that will help integrate the Seventh Principle* into our lives, both practically and spiritually.  We are also an official candidate for a “Green Sanctuary” Fellowship.

This coming church year we plan to strengthen or complete the 12 projects we proposed to the UUA in our Green Sanctuary application of 2011.  New projects this year include a “sustainable eating” cooking class.

The best testament to the Fellowship’s culture of environmental awareness and activism are the number of programs and projects developed independently from the Green Sanctuary committee’s planning!  Ongoing projects include worship and celebration, religious education for children and adults, two environmental justice projects, four sustainable living projects and several others.  Our Facebook page is, “UUFL Green Sanctuary

*The Seventh Principle is:  Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

Join us!  For more information, please contact Madeline Dalrymple, 977-5462, or

Committee on Ministry:

The Committee on Ministry is a three person, elected committee that evaluates the Fellowship’s ministry—our professional leadership, and our ministry to each other and the larger community.  Although this is a three-year, elected position, we always encourage members to let us know if this is a task they would find rewarding.  Contact any member of the Board.

Canvass Committee:

The Canvass Committee plans and conducts the annual all-member pledge drive to garner financial support for the coming Fellowship year.  This committee blooms every Spring for a relatively short duration until its mission is accomplished.  Accomplished fund-raisers are encouraged to speak to any Board member.

UUFL A Capella Choir: 

Our choir is not exactly a committee but we do meet on an irregular/regular basis; we sing about 6 or 7 times a church year (August – May).  We practice Wednesday evenings from 7-8 pm if we are going to sing the following Sunday.  You must attend the Wednesday evening practice if you want to sing on Sunday.  More voices are always welcome.  Our long-time choir director stepped down recently for a well-deserved rest.  For more information on the choir, contact Matt Stannard ( or David Perry (